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Tranquility Day Spa Schwarzkopf Professional Lead Technical Educator and Advisor Advanced Hair Colorist and Trend Stylist Bridal Hair and Special Occasion Stylist

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Wowwwwed by Jim, Make sure to see him if you haven't!
Posted by mistym <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/mistym> on 03/02/2007
I was on the internet looking for a new stylist and I found Jim through his wedding website and CitySearch. My hair was completely hideouse to start with from some pretty bad experiences which included color and cuts....I haven't been able to find anyone who understood what I really wanted. I probably went to at least 7 people till I landed in Jim's chair. He listened to me and advised me on what I needed done. I had a late appointment and he said that we would have to have alot more time and that I would need to reschedule. I told him that I coulndn't face my husband again looking the way that I was. I think he felt sorry for me and he smiled and decided to stay late. I do not know how he did it, but this guy knows his stuff...especially when I found out that he educates for a color group, I knew I was in great hands and I didn't have to worry a bit. He amazingly fixed my color, gave me the best cut I probably have had by far and made me feel like a million dollars......my husband will not let me go to anyone else. This is a really busy place and I had to make a late appointment, I kinda felt bad keeping him after a long day..be sure to book early. What is crazy is he goes to work at 7:30 in the morning so he is always available. Definite reasons to see Jim!
·Pros: Great help at the desk
·Cons: couldn't think of any
·Overall user rating: Average

Jim Robeson: a touch of magic
Posted by lk02 <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/lk02> on 02/08/2007
Jim Robeson is an amazing and talented artist. No matter how your hair looks before you visit him, it will look fabulous after your visit. Jim has been taking care of my hair for almost 10 years. Before finding Jim, I probably had a new hairstylist every four months. With Jim, cuts are always the right length. My hair seems to go effortlessly where it is supposed to. Color is natural and perfect. His styling of hair is simply amazing. This guy has a magic touch with hair. Jim can give you a haircut or style as simple as you want or as complex as you want. There is an ease about him when he works with hair that inspires a lot of confidence; for me it is an indication of excellent training. Because of my job, I travel a lot. I feel I waste my money everytime I need to get a style with somebody else. There is no comparison with what Jim does. When my mom is in town, she insists on visiting Jim. Jim can set her hair in a way that beats what she can get in Europe at the very best salons.
·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Jim is one of a kind...an original!
Posted by klandpal <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/klandpal> on 11/26/2006
Jim of Norris of Houston...is an amazing artist! He created a beautiful updo for my wedding day..unlike any other. He takes the time to understand what the bride really wants for her special day and makes her feel and look like a princess! I think he is a true professional in the art of hair. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants something unique and special on that truly special day.
·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

I'm a Happy Bride
Posted by bdouglasb <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/bdouglasb> on 11/07/2006
I had my hair done the same day I think as the Bride who left the review about Jim, we both know her story and he did his best, and I was so very happy. Not only was my hair perfect, but everything started that day at this great place. Donna is wonderful! Thanks to everyone for everything.
·Pros: Jim's great
·Cons: wish they had champagne
·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best Hairdresser
http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/r2len> on 09/14/2006
Jim has been cutting my hair and doing color for the better part of 20 years. I have had my hair cut in salons in 4 continents, but Jim does it the best and I am glad that he works in the city that I call home. I do not recommend anyone lightly especially in regards to the hair arts. But Jim is one of a kind and a truly talented artisan.
·Pros: One of the best Salons in town. Excellent Staff, attentive, service oriented.
·Cons: Ashley is distracting :-)) and Maggiano's is walking distance.
·Overall user rating: Recommended

Best hair stylist & colorist
Posted by inimeg <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/inimeg> on 10/29/2006
I highly recommend Jim Robeson for all your hair coloring and styling needs. Jim is wonderful and can do truly amazing things. From a picture or just a general description he is able to work magic. He is a constant study of hair color and latest styling techniques. I have trusted my hair to Jim for the past 10 years and he has kept my style current, my hair healthy and my color fabulous!!!

·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Best hair cut and color
Posted by sharonriggsswartz <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/sharonriggsswartz> on 10/27/2009
Jim Robeson is the best when it comes to working with hair. He is excellent with short or long hair, color, style, or anything else pertaining to hair. He is also good working with hair in any condition. That is probably why I have seen him working with so many women correcting bad color jobs. Jim's been working on my hair now for over 15 yrs. I have tried others but find Jim worth coming back to with my short hair. My hair is always cut where it compliments my face and lifestyle. Guess it is his extensive training paying off because I like the hair cuts he gives me. I also like that Jim takes time with his clients and has a genuie interest in them. I am not rushed in and out of the salon and he listens to what I want with my hair if I do have an opionion. I think you will find him this way too!
·Pros: Great with hair.
·Overall user rating: Recommended
Posted by r2len <

Check Jim Out! Great fix it guy.
Posted by maperpetua <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/maperpetua> on 10/03/2010
Setting examples by performance this guy knows his colors, he obviously uses one of the best brands on the market and is a tech advisor at that! I happened to go to another salon and my hair was turned several shades of orange and yellow, they spent 4 hours and left me looking pretty bad. Jim took a look at me and said he could fix the whole mess.....brave undertaking, he fixed my hair and I have not been to anyone else or have had anyone touch my hair except for Jim. I recommend him highly. Jim has always trained and is always coming up with new things especially when it comes to updos and colors.....give him a shout if your around. I found his site weddingstlylisthouston and it had lots of pictures posted of his work. I recently had my color done and was amazed to watch him handle client after client, and breeze through the amazing hairstyles. Norris has a very nice facilty. Lots of art and buyable stuff. The staff is friendly.
·Pros: jim is always available, fun to watch him work
·Cons: hard to get in on Saturdays
·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Norris of Houston Beauty and Spa on the map with this guy! Jim Rocks!
Posted by stevenspointe <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/stevenspointe> on 08/10/2006
My hair is a challenge for any hairdresser. As I have reached the senior years a thinning problem has developed, and I have hair that seems to defy any style. It is important to note that Jim Robeson of Norris Beauty and Spa has deftly managed to overcome the obstacles. I trust Jim with my hair care, but an added bonus is that it is such a pleasure to sit in his chair. He is talented, personable and intelligent with a wonderful sense of humor. Kudos to Jim!!!!!
·Overall user rating: Highly Recommended

Great service, exciting decor, great jewelry and the best cut and color in town!
Posted by nhawes <http://houston.citysearch.com/saved/userprofile/nhawes> on 08/04/2006
The only reason I moved to Norris is because of stylist, Jim Robeson. My daughters and I have followed Jim around town for fifteen years - he even went to my daughter's wedding in Wyoming -- couldn't have survived

Posted by S.Hills http://weddingstylisthouston.com 2/02/2011                                                                                                                                    So my hairstylist bails on me at the last minute a day before my wedding and i had no one to turn to.  Luckily I came across your website and found you.  It took some talking but I was able to convince Jim that I really needed him for my day and he made arrangements to save my day.  Awesome guy and I wont forget, I'm a faithful client now!  S. Hills

About Me, in case you were wondering :)
I'm Native Texan. My Nationality is Scottish  and Argentine. I started Hairdressing almost 25 plus years ago and I certainly have the stories to prove it :)  I have had a long list of things that I have done, but the beauty Industry has been my favorite of all things to be involved in.  I care mostly about my work and also my clients. My career started working at Salons in Houston in the Galleria Area.  Nieman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Icon Unlimited (Houstonian), Chrisine Valmy (houstonian), Tova Hair Studios, Michaelyndon's, Beautique Day Spa, Norris of Houston and last but not least my current location Tranquility Day Spa of which I currently own my own business and have gone into my own lets say.

I have been trained in all aspects of color lines in the industry.  From Wella, Matrix, Loreal, Framesi, Goldwell, Clairol, Schwarzkopf Igora Royal, to name a few.  I also have trained with Rusk (Irvine and Luise Rusk), Paul Mitchell Systems (Robert Cromeans, Jeanne Bra), Renato of Renbo color, Roxanne Christian, Roger McCauley and Gloria Day of Schwarzkopf Professional and a long list of others that I an very happy to have worked with and trained with at Schwarzkopf.  Gil Guedes, a dear hairdresser that helped hone my skills with long hair, The Chadwicks, and many other of the working crews involved in prior  platform works I was involved with.

Working behind the chair and currently one of the Lead Technical Advisors and Educators for Schwarzkopf Professional.  This Company is one of the foremost most recognized for its innovations in Haircolor such as Igora Royal, Viviance, Personality, Absolutes, and now featuring the most innovative and first on the market Color10 Haircolor, as well as its Osis, Bonacure, and  Product lines.

I am comitted to this company and it is always evolving with the market as well as the technology.  Yes, I am passionate about Schwarzkopf and I Educate for the Company for that reason. Love it Love it Love it!

I offer Services in Haircoloring and Hilighting, Trend Cutting, Brazilian and Japanese Straightening, Hair Extensions, Feather Extensions, Perms (yes they are still here and still used LOL) and everything else under the sun when it comes to Hair Sevices.
J. Byron Robeson

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